Friday, June 30, 2017

Rebelling Love

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Rebelling Love
by Taylor Johns

My name is Roxie and I am a take no s*** kinda gal.
First impressions mean everything to me.
If you show your ass the minute we meet,
all bets are off and manners be damned.
This line of thinking usually works,
helps me weeds out the jerks.
That is until HE moved into the building.
Magnum is a jackass of epic proportions.
Every word that falls from his plump lips
is tainted with vile sentiment.
So why is it that when he’s near,
my body betrays me?
Are my girlie bits so hard up for action,
that they are deaf to his vitriol?
One thing is for sure,
I will not fall prey to his good looks.
I don’t care how turned on he makes me,
I will not be taken in by the sexual allure of that man.
I am Rebelling Love!