Monday, August 7, 2017

Must Read Monday

Here are a couple great books that I have read that you should read too!

Deceit (The Nexus Series Book 3)

AUTHOR:  Lainie Suzanne
GENRE: Romance, BDSM, Suspense, Erotica
BLURB: Since the moment Leo first returned to Nexus, Gina's been drawn to the dark and mysterious man.

Leo put up a good fight, but Gina's natural submissiveness taunts his sadistic nature. 

Can Gina endure Leo's demanding ways or will her past destroy her and those closest to her, including newlyweds, Katherine and Isaac?

***Warning*** This story contains wickedly erotic romance.

MY REVIEW: Deceit is book three in the Nexus series and great hot read! This is Leo and Gina’s story. Leo and Gina have appeared in the first two books but this one we learn more about who they are and see them together, which is pantie melting hot! When the past comes calling things get tense and a little suspenseful which just adds to the story and helps make this book impossible to put down. We also get to know more about our favorite couples from the first two books and a couple surprises along the way. This whole series is a must read!

Bernie (Guardians In Love 3) 

AUTHOR: Brianna West
BLURB: **A companion standalone to the Promiscus Guardians series***

Nyla, born and raised in the In-Between realm as the princess of the Spiritum Bellatorum, has been betrothed from birth and forced to conceal the true personality within in order to project herself as nothing but the perfect princess she was taught to be. 

When her brother betrays their kind, Nyla acquires an unprecedented mission to find and convince him to come home. Teaming up with the Promiscus Guardians to locate her runaway brother in the mortal realm, Nyla is introduced to the resident comedian and self-proclaimed cowboy Guardian, Bernie. 

He is everything she wishes she could be outwardly and she’s instantly intrigued by his happy, easy-going nature. But, like Nyla, Bernie is keeping a part of himself tightly locked away. 

What will happen when their barriers start to come down? Will they be able to overcome so many obstacles laid out before them, or will their relationship be torn apart before they have a chance to find something deeper?

MY REVIEW: This is book 3 in the Guardians In Love series, it can be read as a stand alone but this series is a spin off of author Brianna West other series Promiscus Guardians and to get the full effect of Bernie I recommend reading it as well. Bernie is a amazingly hot, funny and over all great read. Bernie is one of my favorite characters from this series and the authors other series, he is a self proclaimed cowboy who is naughty with a masochistic side and a heart of gold. This book is a one click must!!

Fire On The Farm (Second Chance Cowboy Romance)

AUTHOR:  Betty Shreffler
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
BLURB: Losing the man she loved to a terrible accident, pushes Amy Flanders into a life of independence. Her only source of comfort is her work—a business dedicated to the care and training of horses. Until one lonely night leads her into the arms of Brock Baisdin. A man who fulfills her deepest desires and reignites a flame long forgotten. 

Between his picky tastes and running his own business, Brock Baisdin has little time for women, but that doesn't stop him from looking for love. After saving Amy from a cancelled date, Brock is instantly drawn to the shy and beautiful woman hiding secrets beneath her lust-filled baby blues—secrets he finds himself eager to discover. 

Undeniable attraction pulls them into each other's arms. Hope draws them into each other's lives. For Amy Flanders, Brock Baisdin may be the man to bring love back into her lonely life, if only she can overcome the wounds of her past and face her biggest fear—risking the pain of another shattered heart. 

MY REVIEW: WOW, this book is worth more then 5 stars! This book had me in tears in the first chapter and the emotional roller coaster continued as we follow Amy through her loss, depression, strength to move on, and love again and the guilt that goes with it. I absolutly could not put this book down, I started reading it yesterday and finished it first thing this morning only putting it down long enough to sleep. The story line is great and the characters are so well written that you find yourself rooting for them, getting angry at them and falling in love with them. This is a must read and should be a one click for anyone who love a good romance story.

Influenced: A Good Girl, Bad Boy Love Story

AUTHOR: Shannon Youngblood and Janae Keyes
GENRE: Multicultural & Interracial Romance

I have wanted him for years, but he's a bad boy, a terrible influence. 

People say I am a bad boy. I'm honestly just a guy who doesn't give a crap about what they think of me.

When your life has been planned for you from the moment you were born, there isn’t room to be yourself. Born to accomplished Atlanta lawyers, Megan Reese has been given a path to take, under the watchful eye of her strict parents. There is no room for slip-ups in their world, and Megan has never been given the opportunity to be her own person until her childhood crush re-enters her life.

After eight years across the pond to avoid his life, and his parent's incessant need for him to use his genius for good, Spencer Grant has returned to Atlanta to escape his mistakes in Europe. However, when fate steps in and tempts him with the sweetest Peach he’s ever encountered, Spencer finds himself wondering, is Megan influencing him to be a better person or is she the one being Influenced?

MY REVIEW: I have read books by author Shannon Youngblood in the past but this is a first book by author Janae Keyes. I an glad I picked this book up to read, it is a great read. The characters are well developed, and believable and so easy to feel for. The story flows nicely at a good pace giving just enough detail to make it real without and not over doing it. The roller coaster of emotions these two authors take you on while reading this book is epic. Happiness, sadness, laughter and anger will grip you from the first page to the last, while the hot and steamy scenes will make this book impossible to put down. A must read.

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